The Great Seal of the State of Arizona. According to Article 22, Section 20 of the State of Arizona Constitution by the Arizona State Legislature: 20. Design of ...


The official state seal of Arizona was designed in the Arizona Constitution. There is both a color and black and white version of the seal, but the black and white ...


The official seal of Arizona contains symbols of the state's main enterprises, natural resources, and attractions; the seal design is in black and white.


The official seal is in black and white. See if you can find all of these drawings on the seal. In the background is a mountain range with the sun rising behind the ...


Arizona State Seal. Arizona's main enterprises and attractions are represented in the seal. In the background of the seal is a range of mountains with the sun ...


Find the Arizona Seal, includes the state seal adoption and history of the great seal of the state. Access Arizona state symbols.


One inch thick, round engraved foam sign of the official Arizona State Seal. Note: 12″ diameter seal is .75″ thick instead of 1″ Also see Usage Note below.


The Arizona state constitution of 1911 described the state seal, which replaced earlier territorial seals. In the background is a mountain range with the sun rising  ...


Arizona State Seal - Information about the Great Seal of Arizona.