The Arkansas Parole Board (APB or Board) is an independent, quasi-judicial body whose seven (7) members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by  ...


How to Search the Inmate Database. Insert data into at least one of the fields to return searh results. To narrow a search, fill in or select as many search fields as  ...


Oct 9, 2018 ... Reading about a bad decision with only a few minutes of discussion may be the only opportunity the Arkansas Board of Parole has to consider ...


The current Arkansas Parole Board reviews cases as they come before their docket. They may choose to release inmates on a discretionary basis, which means ...


The Arkansas Parole Board was originally established in. 1943 as the “State Penitentiary Board.” Major legislation in 1993 changed many facets of parole ...


Signed six months waiver, Parole Board hearing and Interstate Compact? Do prison facilities release on ... Arkansas parole hearing confusion please help.


Just a guess but most Department of Corrections do not consider reconsideration requests from people other than the inmate or his/her lawyer.


[Archive] All information relating to parole, probation or release in Arkansas should be ... parole board · Program to help Ex-Offenders find work in Arkansas?