These lesson plans cover a wide variety of topics touching on Arkansas's history, utilizing primary source documents from the state archives' collections.


Tools for Teaching and Learning Difficult History: Racial Violence in Arkansas, the ... The Arkansas History Lesson Plans were written by Arkansas teachers for ...


Arkansas History Lesson Plans. All About Arkansas November 17, 2008. Arkansans November 17, 2008. Brooks-Baxter War November 17, 2008. Can You Hear ...


Through a partnership with the Arkansas Humanities Council, the Arkansas State ... lesson plans to aid Arkansas educators in teaching our state's history.


Lesson plans for African-American Athletes in Arkansas by journalist Evin Demirel ☆ Audio walking tour for Words That Matter–Voices of Civil Rights: The 1st ...


Unit Overview: The students will examine the tools used by geographers, past and present, to develop maps. Additionally, this unit will focus on the political, ...


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Find the PowerPoint and Reading Review at www.arkansasheritiage.org Arkansas History, Lesson Plan, American Indians, Native Americans, Caddo, Quapaw, ...


Economic Dimensions of Arkansas History Introductory Lesson - student work in groups of five or ... They have scarcity of time and space as they plan their trip.