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The flag of Arkansas, also known as the Arkansas flag, consists of a red field charged with a ... When it was discovered that Arkansas did not have a state flag, the DAR chapter decided to sponsor a contest to design a flag. Hocker, a member of ...


Arkansas State Flag large size graphic image and history.


The state flag of Arkansas is red white and blue to signify that Arkansas is one of the United States. The large diamond represents the only diamond producing ...


Mar 8, 2018 ... An official Arkansas state flag did not exist prior to 1913. During the Civil War, Arkansas soldiers fought under a variety of banners and flags, but ...


Arkansas State Flag Description, History, Color, and more. Download High Quality Flag Image and Coloring Book Style Image.


"I Salute the Arkansas Flag With Its Diamond and Stars. We Pledge Our Loyalty to Thee." Phil Nelson, 13 August 1999.


Arkansas flag colors - meaning symbolism of State flag of Arkansas - flag pictures history - All about Arkansas flag information for kids.


Jun 23, 2015 ... The state flag of Arkansas features four stars and the name of the state inside a diamond. Three stars correspond to countries to which ...


Flag of Arkansas: U.S. state flag consisting of a red field (background) bearing a blue-and-white design. In the centre is a white diamond with four blue stars and ...