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Roy Harper is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Roy is one of DC's most longstanding characters, originating in 1940s comics as Speedy, the teen sidekick of the superhero Green Arrow. Like his mentor Green Arrow, Roy is a world-class archer and athlete who ... Once Roy's secret was discovered, Green Arrow angrily punched him and ...


Mia Dearden is a DC Comics superheroine, the second character to take the mantle of Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy. ... The first Speedy, Arsenal (Roy Harper), gave Mia a set of his old arrows, ... While Green Arrow distracts the League, Mia kidnaps the Electrocutioner and brings him to their hideout beneath Star City.


Mar 26, 2013 ... Arrow: Will Roy Harper's Kidnaping Bring Him Closer to Becoming Speedy ... fans have been wondering when (and if) he'll assume the Speedy ...


Roy became Oliver's sidekick and vigilante partner with the code-name Arsenal up until ... She later came back to apologize, but Roy was kidnapped by Joseph Falk. .... Roy asks how The Arrow does it to which he doesn't reply. ... he lost control of his rage and Oliver had to resort to calling him 'Speedy', Thea's nickname.


Jun 13, 2017 ... Known as Speedy, Roy became the sidekick to the Green Arrow in the 1940s. ... Unable to bring himself to turn Cheshire in and believing he put her in ... Before Prometheus can escape Donna manages to capture him and he tells ..... that the real Roy Harper was kidnapped and replaced three years ago.

Jul 15, 2013 ... Colton Haynes chats about the cast and characters on Arrow, why ... of bringing a roy harper into arrow and not turning him into a side-kick ... He is already confirmed, i think they said that season 2, a event will give people power and Barry Allen will show up. ... to be red arrow he has to become speedy.


Mar 6, 2017 ... Why Thea Queen's New Attitude Isn't Working For 'Arrow' Season 5 ... and she wasn't willing to go back to being Speedy even to save him. ... Yes, Oliver has proven time and again that he can take care of himself, but ... to rescue her when she was kidnapped in Season 2's first episode, "City of Heroes.


Arrow - Roy Harper I just love him! ... Arrow - Season 3 Promo Photo - Colton Haynes as Roy Harper . ... Harper will become Speedy/Red Arrow .... Take a look at what to expect from this week's episodes of Arrow and The Flash! ..... And Felicity is the first person he even comes close to telling about his five years away .


He met Roy Harper while on a dig, discovering that Harper had survived the ... Green Arrow agreed to adopt the boy, who began fighting crime with him as Speedy. ... After some years of being teamed with Green Lantern or appearing in back-up ..... More notably, Komodo, who actually does take over Queen Industries, and ...