Feb 19, 2019 ... Art Schaap, owner of Highland Dairy in Clovis, New Mexico is facing a unique ... His cheese making business was taking off, his cows were ...


Feb 21, 2019 ... For 27 years, Art Schaap has been running Highland Dairy in Clovis. Last year, he found out the milk he was producing here was no good.


Nov 14, 2018 ... Highland Dairy Manager Ryan Schaap says he has been obliged to waste an ... will take our milk, making the future look depressing," Schaap said in a ... Among those affected, Schaap said, are his family and his business.


Feb 19, 2019 ... For months, Clovis dairy farmer Art Schaap has been watching his life go ... over some of the 1800 Holstein cows on the Highland Dairy in Clovis. ... all-important dairy business – the leading agricultural industry in the state, ...


May 7, 2019 ... The toxic chemicals are affecting the water at Highland Dairy, where thousands ... This is our livelihood, this is our 401k, this is everything we worked for," said Art Schaap, the owner of Highland Dairy. ... His business is failing.


Mar 20, 2019 ... That's the reality that New Mexico dairyman Art Schaap woke up to last fall. Since October 2018, Schaap's Highland Dairy has been held in limbo. ... N.M., based company works with dairy farms across the country as a ...


Chuck Krause shows off some of the company's artisan cheeses — and the ... Andy Schaap emigrated from Holland to California in the 1950s. ... 400 cows on one farm,” says Art, who carries on the Dutch dairy tradition. ... Schaap Dairies produces most of its milk the traditional way through its Highland Dairy operation.


Feb 21, 2019 ... Forced to make a nightmare decision no farmer wants to make, Art Schaap, owner of Highland Dairy in Clovis, New Mexico has been dumping ...


Farmer Art Schaap, owner of Highland Dairy in Clovis, New Mexico is being forced to ... The Dairy Business reported recently that Farmer Schaap has filed a suit ...