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Wiktionary defines the noun 'artist' (Singular: artist; Plural: artists) as follows: A person who creates art. A person who ...


Artist definition, a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria. See more.


Jul 11, 2018 ... Artist definition is - one skilled or versed in learned arts. How to use artist in a sentence.


May 19, 2010 ... An artist is someone who makes art. Societies of artists have perhaps the loosest definitions, admitting new members on the basis of the quality ...


artist definition: 1. someone who paints, draws, or makes sculptures: 2. someone who creates things with great skill and imagination: . Learn more.


Definition of artist - a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby., a person who habitually practises a specified reprehensible.


Artist definition: An artist is someone who draws or paints pictures or creates sculptures as a job or a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Well, of course the answer is obvious. An artist is a person who makes art. So now we have to decide: What is art? OK. Art is symbolic objectification of certain ...


Define artist. artist synonyms, artist pronunciation, artist translation, English dictionary definition of artist. n. 1. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is ...