Inuit describes the various groups of indigenous peoples who live throughout Inuit Nunangat, ... 13 Added value in Nunavut; 14 See also; 15 References; 16 Movies .... Ivory carvings date to as early as the Dorset I period, but artistic activity  ...


The Inuit have a long and vibrant tradition of passing tales and legends down from one ... one of the last aboriginal groups to be contacted by people from outside. ... The artist's drawings are transferred to paper, cut out, and animated under the camera. ... Dialogue, music and artwork make this film a total cultural transplant.


Three exhibitions explore the art, culture, and environment of the Inuit: ... territory of Nunavut, depict hunting scenes and other traditional symbols of Inuit culture.


The Netsilik Eskimo Series - National Film Board of Canada ... aboriginal cultures , in general studies of the circumpolar culture area, as well as .... Group Hunting on the Spring Ice Part 1 (color, 34 min): Late June, and much of the land is bare.


Isuma's films extend the ancient art of Inuit storytelling into the digital age through ... In the period of a few generations, communities of Inuit throughout the North have ... These institutions facilitated further loss of cultural traditions, both through  ...


We use the word depictive here to mean those “home movie” and vlog (video .... movement primarily involved a select group of Inuit culture brokers—artists, ...


“People from the South came and all of a sudden our culture became savage, .... art form, perfectly expresses the problem, “The film takes place among Inuit but it is ... Arctic regions, helping Inuit groups develop senses of place and of regions.


Jun 5, 2007 ... Traditional Inuit culture was influenced by the harsh climate and stark ... Inuit communities are found in the Arctic, in the Northwest Territories, ...


traditional food source; they are also present in every sphere of Inuit culture, including religion, ... As the Inuit settled into communities in the late. 1940s, their ... most common forms of contemporary Inuit art are prints and figurative works, often representing ... presented in the films The White Dawn and Nanook of the North.