Feb 24, 2016 ... Our only ground rules for this foreign-language list: no silent films (sorry, ..... of wuxia films, Hu treats his genre material as if it were high art, ...


Feb 25, 2018 ... Favorite films and directors? Which do you consider most influential on your development as an artist? Oh gosh, I'm such a film geek and I'm ...


Mar 7, 2016 ... Músicos cubanos le cantan a Joaquín Sabina) and short fiction films, ... in the National Decorative Arts Museums, whose valuable painting La ... Asked exactly what genre the film falls into, Santa playfully stated”Film noir…


Jan 16, 2018 ... The inaugural Dr. Saul and Dorothy Kit Film Noir Festival, named after Kit's parents (pictured ... thanks to a $500000 donation to the School of the Arts' Film program. ... panels and guest speakers around the stylized, hard boiled crime genre. ... It doesn't just mean screening old films from the 40s and 50s.


The class will view some landmark short films such as "A Trip to the Moon," "The ... in film noir, recognize some key studios, directors and actors in that genre, and ... We'll learn about the art of editing as described by “The Cutting Edge” as well ...


Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition ... But Ida Lupino bucked the system , writing and directing a string of movies that exposed the dark ... It also demonstrates how Lupino fused generic elements of film noir and the social problem film to ... Lupino's Ingenious Genres: Early Films and The Trouble with Angels (1966)


This noir-infused drama unfolds during a shore leave excursion where the ... Joan Crawford stars as Daisy, an ambitious commercial artist who becomes involved ... After several years directing films in France, the director signed a contract with ... the genre was in B-movies for directors Steve Sekely (Hollow Triumph [1948]), ...


At least a few of these films are guaranteed to be close to your heart: the 50 .... Near Dark is also home to one of the best sequence of the '80s, in any film genre. .... Consider it the art-house scene's answer to D.A.R.E. —MB .... Simple is a startling exercise in crime noir that, at times, passes as full-blown psychological horror.


The history of the cinema has seen directors whose works have been more ... that he also made films in other genres), Bergman has become the hallmark ... such as Italian neo-realism and film noir in the USA) which has occasionally, ... In this mould Bergman's films rapidly came to typify the concept of "art house cinema".