The Matrix is a science fiction action media franchise created by The Wachowskis , about a ... The series began with the feature film The Matrix (1999), and continued with two ... Kong action films (particularly "heroic bloodshed" and martial arts movies). ..... Main article: List of awards and nominations received by The Matrix ...


When the avant.garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs stated in an interview in 1989 ... the opening scene of the first film that will be considered.6 ... books and articles about Uif Nbusjy- many have mentioned the bullet.time .... Her anthology is a collection of essays by Gunning and others on the idea of a ...... He analyses at length.


Mar 31, 1999 ... "The Matrix" is a visually dazzling cyberadventure, full of kinetic ... Then it's down to the final showdown between good and evil--a martial arts battle in ... to make movies (their first film, "Bound," made my 10 best list in 1996). .... Scout Tafoya's video essay series on maligned masterpieces ... Related Articles.


This is from the article “ Allegory of the Cave” and there are oppressors in the story who are hiding the ... [tags: Plato Republic Matrix Movie Philosophy Essays] ... The film sets, by dialogue and symbolism, a place for analysis, theology, theory , philosophy, ... The Matrix series is much more than an action-packed sci-fi thriller.


quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews, or other educational or ... to realize this is a film entitled The Matrix (a series) but it is also about the Matrix. ... the film's writers-directors, the Wachowski brothers, wrote an Artist Statement to ... invoked serious debates and critical analysis from academics like no other film in.


Dec 15, 2017 ... This film written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski.it is the first part of Matrix series, not even movie also the part of comic book, video ...


14 chapter film analysis covering most aspects of the film, though several of the videos below ... ALIEN SERIES ... Art of the werewolf transformation ... The binary universe of BLADE RUNNER and THE MATRIX ... Though this is based on a chapter from my full analysis article, it contains a lot of additional ..... The titles are :


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