Apr 12, 2015 ... VocalEssence concert honors composer and comic Peter Schickele. ... Comedy is still hard, and in the context of music, it's also rare. We've all ...


Dec 21, 2015 ... Alex Ross on the anniversary concert of Peter Schickele's humorous alter ego, at Town Hall. ... of P.D.Q. Bach, is also a talented composer of serious music. ... Every master parodist must have mastery of the art under attack.


Larsen was the first female resident composer with a major orchestra and has held ... On a visit to the Denver Art Museum, Larsen was captivated by Arthur Lopez's ... Peter Schickele's musical career began in his youth, when he wrote and ...


... composer Peter. Schickele, makes Great Lakes Chamber Music ... (May 29, 2014) – P.D.Q. Bach, the alter-ego of composer and performer. Peter Schickele, well-known as ―Johann Sebastian's last and least offspring,‖ will make his Festival debut on Saturday, June 21 at Seligman Performing Arts Center in Beverly Hills.


The BBC artist page for P.D.Q. Bach. Find the best ... P. D. Q. Bach is a fictitious composer invented by musical satirist "Professor" Peter Schickele. Schickele ...


Live recordings of Peter Schickele's music were examined and ... Schickele. Schickele is a classically trained composer whose work is ... art" and "low art" styles.


May 17, 2010 ... P.D.Q. Bach is the brainchild of “Professor” Peter Schickele, who has made a ... and composing, arranging and producing for other artists.


This Encyclopedia Britannica music list explores an arts editor's favorite quirky composers. ... Illustration of musical notes. classical music composer composition . ... understanding of mastery is P.D.Q. Bach, composer Peter Schickele's alter ego ...


research, create my own musical composition based on a work of visual art of .... Dogs, by composer Peter Schickele, expresses a much lighter, playful mood.