Oct 8, 2016 ... Art Laboe has known that for years. Sixties oldies: Another format that does not exist here. Much of the material that was played on stations ...


*SEE NOTE BELOW ON MUSIC FORMATS GENERALLY ... the punk/new wave artists of the late 70's, rather than the "classic" rock artists of the 60's and 70's.


AC Adult – A radio program format known as Adult Contemporary music, ... of Television and Radio Artists, for members who are broadcast professionals.


Even with these formats music plays an important part of helping the station ... Programmers analyze trade magazines such as Billboard and Radio and ... Songs are often further coded according to gender of the artist, and lyrical mood.


Jun 15, 2017 ... With the exception of a few artists, radio airplay is critical to ... Country music is the third-largest radio format in the nation, behind Top 40 and ...


Arts & Entertainment. Best Radio Station Format Change (Alternative Division) ... alternative-rock station, the Point (105.7 FM), forsook much of that decade's fantastic music in favor of new releases from trendy bands—and banishing the earlier ...


May 23, 2018 ... It's called urban radio, but it really is black radio, for those who don't ... By the 1970s, over 250 stations aired primarily black artists, up ... to musical formats which may include hip-hop, rhythm & blues, reggae, soul and gospel.


A record label needs radio airplay to deliver the music of its artists to an audience ... consumer's attention, and at the same time fit into the radio station's format.


In addition, we wanted to free artists of having to make music for commercial radio as defined by industry gatekeepers. Many core, format artists were being cut ...