Anime and manga fandom is a worldwide community of fans of .... Despite being the first and most popular animated ... The film Akira, which played in art theaters in ... Akira inspired some to move on to other works but ... of science fiction fan community, with fans bringing ...


Jan 30, 2016 ... Tumblr user destinationtoast has become a go-to resource for fans ... On the fanfiction archive Archive of Our Own (AO3), the dominant fandoms are ... But trying to assess the size of transformative fandom (fandoms that create fanworks), ... edit and assist other fans] there are, or how many authors and artists ...


Nov 30, 2012 ... This category lists articles about anime and manga fandom in general. For a list of fandoms based around specific comics or animated series and films from Japan, see Category:Anime or ... A. ▻ Anime & Manga Fan Interviews (1 C, 6 P) .... Laura's Anime Fan Art.png ... The YAOI Fanfiction Webring.png.


Dec 1, 2014 ... Anime fandom: Anime fans are people who self-identify with their interest in anime, a style of Japanese animation targeted to both ... community, with fans producing unique works of fan art, fan fiction, and elaborate cosplay.


fan fiction, fan art, doujinshi, cosplay, or any other creations. ..... you can see that it is made up of many things, creating fan works just being one of them. .... anime and manga fandom; that is Japanese animation and comics, as Japanese fans.


May 13, 2010 ... Yet, fan fiction and fan art both remain wildly popular and widely ... Fans create works that are openly recognized to be non-canon to the story ...


Mar 18, 2018 ... This list of most popular fanfiction websites includes FanFiction, Kindle Worlds, Quotev, ... It's created and published by fans of the original work. ... There are fandoms based on books, anime and manga, TV shows, movies, .... Since launch in August 2000 as much as 246 million works of art were submitted.


between East and West, inspires Western corporate businesses, art and media as it ... and animation series that are widely recognizable by consumers all over the world. .... doujinshi and cosplay are among the most visible activities that anime fans .... Colloquially 'doujin' stands for the self-publication of fan works in mixed.


A casual anime fan watches their favorite series and movies in their spare time. Committed fans create their own fanfiction, video games, and even live-action movies for their shows. ... The exhibit included original art, screenings of the best scenes, and Naruto-themed ... #17 on The Greatest Animated Series Ever Made.