The Scouting movement has adopted woodcraft ... part of SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training.


Brighten your patio porch or family room with these flickering accents Simple scrollsawn dragonfly and floral patterns enhance the styling.


Feb 4, 2008 ... After completing the steps, you'll find yourself with a handsome clock for a shelf, or a sofa or hall table, that showcases the Arts and Crafts style ...


Explore our extensive catalog of free woodworking articles and blogs from woodworking masters, product experts, magazines, and woodworkers just like you.


Remaining true to the look of Arts & Crafts furniture, this spindle-sided bookcase features adjustable shelves and a full-width drawer, accented with perio.


Donald DeVeny, using the trade name Woodcraft Arts, is a traditional artisan ... The folding wooden basket is a traditional craft art form that has been around for  ...


Handcrafted, student-made furniture, housewares, and games made from responsibly-forested Appalachian hardwoods.


The Arts and Crafts Center will close at 1400 on Wednesday, November 21st. ... in custom framing, engraving, graphic reproduction, and custom woodworking.


In the Arts 'n Crafts program campers are able to develop a feeling of accomplishment while expanding their repertoire of art skills.