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Little Fugitive became the first independent film to be ... films could afford to take risks and explore new artistic territory outside ...


Oct 29, 2013 ... American independent cinema, often called “indie cinema,” has no ... The creation of United Artists in 1919 established a nominally independent studio ... the first of many profoundly personal films (e.g., Faces in 1968 and A ...


In the late 1980s, American independent film broke out of the tiny “art houses” ( ..... from the filmmaker's personal vision, as opposed to (in the worst case) the.


Apr 10, 2017 ... Twenty-five years ago, films emerging from festivals like Sundance ... Independent cinema is moving out of the art house and into every house. ..... rapidly changing every single day and Netflix and Amazon are just as good as ...


Independent filmmaking means producing a feature film outside of the film studio ... Your film is aimed at an ultra-niche market; You have an incredibly specific .... donate to any performing or fine art endeavor do not expect a financial return.


Jun 28, 2012 ... When these arguments are levelled at specific films they may be true. ... odd if they repeatedly invested hundreds of millions of dollars in films purely for the love of art. ... Bad independent films and brilliant mainstream movies.


Jul 19, 2017 ... In today's independent film industry, data analysis is the unknown for ... and deploying associated practices will help artists and their teams find their ... Unique Views - This is the number of individual people who visit your site.


To get an overview of funding information and resources available to artists of all types, start by reading our Knowledge Base article: Where can I find grants for individual artists?... ... Recently, award-winning San Francisco-based filmmaker Banker White spoke with the ... Beginner's Guide to Independent Film Financing.


Film Independent grants and awards allow filmmakers to advance their current ... Donors have the opportunity to directly support individual Film Independent Fellows by ... that provide grants, education and experience for exceptional artists .