A B movie or B film is a low-budget commercial movie, but not an arthouse film. In its original ... In either usage, most B movies represent a particular genre—the Western was a Golden Age B movie staple, ... signal an opinion that a certain movie is (a) a genre film with minimal artistic ambitions or (b) a lively, energetic film ...


3 days ago ... American independent cinema, often called “indie cinema,” has no clear historical starting point and no single definition. Most broadly, the term ...


May 9, 2014 ... In the annals of great premises for B movies, “Nazis from the dark side of the .... Rarely has any movie genre turned from sincerity to self-parody as fast as ..... Guillotine has the best gimmick weapon ever in a martial arts movie.


Jun 24, 2017 ... Animation, B-movies & Cult Cinema, Documentary, Film Noir, Horror, Science ... teen films; fantasy films; science fiction; martial arts films; genre.


May 9, 2014 ... To compare them with A movies in terms of resources and ... “women in prison” film is a classic sub-type of the larger 1970s exploitation genre.


Best Movie Genres The Best B Movies of All Time .... Enter the Fist is a 2002 American martial arts comedy film that parodies Hong Kong action cinema. Starring ...


Oct 24, 2016 ... Before I defend this much-reviled art form any further, let's get down to brass tacks and return to that first question: what is a B-movie?


Jul 14, 2016 ... B-movies are not interested in being "respectable" award-winning films, ... One of the most consistent directors of mid-level Hollywood genre fare, ... Non-Stop, and Run All Night could never be confused with "great art," but all ...


Highest-Grossing Films By Genre Type ... the western, the horror film, comedies, and action-adventure films (from swashbucklers to war movies). ... There are dozens of other sub-genres types (and hybrids), such as martial-arts action films,