A drive-in theater or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large ...


May 27, 2008 ... Viewers watch a movie at Shankweiler's drive-in during the heyday of drive-in theaters. (Courtesy of Shankweiler's Drive-In Theatre Archives).


Drive-in theaters showed mostly B-movies–that is, not Hollywood's finest fare–but some theaters featured the same movies that ... Art, Literature, and Film History.


Jun 7, 2017 ... He created it as a solution for people unable to comfortably fit into smaller movie theater seats after creating a mini drive-in for his mother.


Jul 15, 2018 ... Only five states in the U.S. are missing a piece of Americana, the drive-in movie theater, celebrating its 85th anniversary this year.


Jun 25, 2018 ... Forget Netflix: Of the roughly 350 remaining drive-in theaters in the U.S., ... the Midwest's first drive-in to feature state-of-the-art digital projection.


Jul 11, 2018 ... These are some of the best drive-in movie theaters across the country. ... became a popular Atlanta destination, known for its art-deco style.


An original drive-in with a new take on the usual movie-theater goods. ... In proper homage to the immortal roadway, The 66 features an awesome art deco street ...


Mar 18, 2017 ... Drive-ins embodied the suburbanization of middle class families -- and created an entirely new way of watching the movies.