X-Men is an American superhero film series based on the fictional superhero team of the same ..... Main article: List of X-Men films cast members. List indicator( s).


X-Men is a 2000 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the .... A Maasai con artist with the mutant ability to manipulate the weather, who teaches calmly and caringly at Xavier's school but has ... Meanwhile, Avi Arad produced the animated X-Men TV series for Fox Kids. ..... Title, Length. 1.


X-Men Film Series - In Order. ... X-Men - In Order ..... The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that ...


Jun 8, 2017 ... X-Men (film series) ... When anti-mutant colonel William Stryker kidnaps Professor X and attacks his school, the X-Men must ally with their ...


Here's the complete list of greenlit X-Men and mutant films, with their ... Based on the comic series originally started by Chris Claremont and Bill McLeod (though heavily inspired by the art of Bill Sienkiewicz), the film will be the franchise's first ...


Jan 6, 2019 ... From X-Men to Logan by way of X-Men: Days of Future Past confusion. ... Here's how to watch the entire X-Men movie series in chronological order .... some B-list X-Men (sorry, guys) to defeat his nemesis Ajax (Ed Skrein).


Apr 15, 2009 ... The X-Men film series is a series of superhero films based on the fictional Marvel Comics team of the same name. The first three films star an ...


Oct 8, 2017 ... For this list, we'll be taking a look at abandoned X-Men concept art to see .... Deadpool shows up in the first act of the movie as one of Stryker's ...


Dec 15, 2017 ... The acquisition of Fox will bring Marvel Comics movies under one roof, ... can be pushed further: The very history of Marvel Comics shows that trying to ... to the creativity of two men, artist Jack Kirby and writer/editor Stan Lee.