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Trivia refers to bits of information, often of little importance. Contents. 1 Latin meaning and ... (The other four Liberal Arts were the quadrivium, namely arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, which were more challenging.) Hence, trivial in ...


From Jackie Chan and Cynthia Rothrock to Jet Li and Bruce Lee: how much do you know about martial arts movies? Take our quiz here...


Our huge collection of Martial Arts and Action Mix trivia quizzes in our Movies category. 160 trivia questions to answer! Play our quiz games to test your ...


Take our martial arts movies quiz! ... In which two movies, martial arts actor Ong Soo Han played a protagonist? A. Last to Surrender & King of the Kickboxers. B.


By special request, a quiz full of chop-socky questions trickier than one of those Chinese ... 10) Which style of martial art HASN'T Jackie Chan used in a film?


Aug 22, 2013 ... Film trivia is vital to breaking awkward silences and enlivening the dullest of evenings everywhere, so prepare to dazzle your friends with these ...


MOVIE TRIVIA NIGHT! Hosted by DANIEL FRENCH. Monday, September 3 at 8pm. Tickets $5/Person. 60 questions based all around film, actors and actresses , ...


Quiz: '60s Counterculture Icons ... end roundups of celebrity chatter, red carpet fashion, blockbuster movie and TV trivia, previews of new releases, and more!


Learn even more martial arts movie trivia with this FREE Guide! Our Bruce Lee Movies List: Little-Known Trivia From Bruce Lee's Pictures.