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I've just discover the internet relay chat and I've spent a good few hours going on different networks and browsing channels, but every single...


Just a quick summary of rules for IRC and Web Chat: ... Active Forum Topics - ( view more). 3D modeler wanted for passion Project 5 hours 18 min ago by Corey  ...


Jan 22, 2016 ... Author Topic: Dedicated chat room (IRC)? (Read 6298 times) .... claiming, just don't even sign onto this forum and only make music! ... Josh Huval: Honestly, the guys who are making good art are spending their time making it.


Search Music chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat! Search Music in chat room topics of around 500 IRC networks! Current Chat Rooms: ...


MusicBrainz uses two IRC channels for real-time chat and discussions. ... CritiqueBrainz, AcousticBrainz, ListenBrainz, MessyBrainz, and the Cover Art Archive.


Come talk with the people you know from the Renoise forum! ... Join the #renoise channel directly with Simple IRC Client for Renoise, or use a dedicated IRC ...


Feb 9, 2012 ... Mnemotechnics.org now has a 24-hour IRC channel where you can chat ... your forum username, or create a new one; Server: irc.mibbit.com.


Internet Relay Chat, or IRC is the medium where BotBrs chat about Battle of the Bits, music, art, chips, or any other various topics! Come be idle... ...