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Feb 23, 2014 ... Linux audio forums, IRC channels, mailing lists, and wikis .... xx. Ruccas.org, a wiki-based site for "unconventional computer and electronic art" ...


Apr 10, 2014 ... Plus, the users of Reddit aren't always just anonymous fans, artists like ... And like most music forums, there are also threads for people to share their .... The forum on DJ Chat may be of some assistance to any aspiring DJs.


Feb 9, 2012 ... Mnemotechnics.org now has a 24-hour IRC channel where you can chat ... your forum username, or create a new one; Server: irc.mibbit.com.


MusicBrainz uses two IRC channels for real-time chat and discussions. ... CritiqueBrainz, AcousticBrainz, ListenBrainz, MessyBrainz, and the Cover Art Archive.


Apr 16, 2013 ... IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol, created in 1988, and was ... organized mediums like online forums or threaded email discussion lists.


Just a quick summary of rules for IRC and Web Chat: ... Art Challenge ... Visit the forum thread if you have questions or would like to discuss the Game Jam ... Epic fantasy music ... If you're not already aware, our IRC channel is #opengameart; This should go without saying, but hateful comments of any sort will get you ...


Greek IRC Chat on the web, come chat with us and the global irc greek community!


JOHN PRINE CHAT HOUSE: Official Chat House of the Prine Shrine. ... Everything discussed on Oh Boy's Artists and company along with John Prine Trivia, questions, stories, ... JOHN PRINE LIVE MUSIC TRADERS Trade for live Prine music.


Aug 25, 2018 ... Ask Fedora (Guidelines), Mailing Lists, IRC Channels ... Ask Fedora is a community knowledge base and support forum .... For discussions about integrating open music and professional audio base in ... #fedora-art - Fedora's artist/designers hangout, talks about using Fedora/FOSS software for creating art.