A sea shanty, chantey, or chanty is a type of work song that was once commonly sung to ... Shanty repertoire borrowed from the contemporary popular music enjoyed ...... Drawing lyrics (and sometimes entire songs) from the popular and traditional repertoires of the time meant that a wide range of themes were represented.


Discography of sea shanty recordings. ... Other Songs of the Sea -- Dan Milner. Classic Maritime Music from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings -- various artists.


Liverpool Judies - as sung by Barry Truter at the VFSS Shanty Workshop, November 30, 1988 ... Sailor's Songs & Sea Shanties -- various artists. Wow! What a ...


Sep 23, 2008 ... Sea Shanties were work songs sung on ships during the age of sail. ... goal, rather then for pure entertainment, the lyrics and melody were not very ... in stone and sailors would often borrow songs and change the melody and ...


Songs of the Sea: Tunes, Lyrics and Information ... This is part of Lesley Nelson's Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America website. ... While sea shanties originated on ships of many different countries, they spread ... and His Navy · The Mary Rose · The Peabody Essex Museum: Maritime Arts and History ...


Johnny Collins - Shanties & Songs of the Sea - Amazon.com Music. ... Various Artists. 3.6 out of 5 stars 19 .... The lyrics and an explanation of some of the sailing terms would have been ideal (raise your hand if you know what "jubeju" means).


Sea shanties are working songs commonly sung aboard ships by sailors. They were especially common among navy men. The shanty consisted of two parts, ...


Sea shanties are a part of the great genre of work songs. ... had Sunday nights off from playing music — but they also got a larger share of the booty. ... Some examples of sea shanties, with tunes and lyrics: ... Older students will enjoy this nice little essay on sea shanties illustrated with movie clips, from The Art of Manliness.


master mariner W.B. Whall, whose title is Sea Songs and Shanties (Glasgow, .... of lyrics, melodies, and rhythms of Anglo-Scots-Irish, African, African-American, .... According to the late John F. Leavitt, retired a schoonerman turned artist and ...