Module files (MOD music, tracker music) are a family of music file formats originating from the ... This results in very small audio files (AHX modules are typically 1k–4k in size), and a very .... Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet.


A quick introduction to modules · About The Mod Archive · Articles · Torrent FAQ ... File name and Title ... Looking for an artist? ... 669 Music Sequenced By.


Sep 16, 1991 ... A collection of MOD, XM, and S3M music modules of varying genre, but ... page, where you can find references to some of my favourite artist, groups, and works. ... This is exactly what it is, complete with all sound effects!


Music.MOD files ... alpha_wv.arj, 222K, AlphaWave by Psychodelicious & Dancable Sounds. altrance.arj, 39K, Star ..... kyrom.arj, 137K, Kyrom-art. kzer-za. arj ...


Oct 14, 2017 ... Audio Any code/plugin to read & play tracker (mod/it/xm) music files? ... would be awesome for games as well as experiences and art pieces.


Here are a few questions I have about adding custom music (I ... Be related to (or tease) a mod that the OP is working on; Not belong to another artist, or the OP ... Where exactly do you put the sound file you want to add in?


Format: Audio CD. The Mod Scene (1998) is a compilation of 25 tunes released primarily in the 1960's, by artists signed to Decca Records. Overall, the songs ...


Millions of users are sharing music with Sounds! Join the world's biggest social network for music! Share music with friends on Sounds & social media: Stories, ...


Birdhouse music box installation (focus on interaction and interactive audio) http ://vimeo.com/14265254 ... of expression in interactive media, by creating open, audio-tactile art installations, musical fields. ... All music, samples, graphics, textures, code, narrative, and text must be ... The Mod Archive (http://modarchive. org).