Although big bands are identified with the swing era, they ... In the 1950s, Stan Kenton referred to his band's music as "progressive jazz", "modern", and "new music". ... Modern big bands can be found playing all styles of jazz music. ... Examples include the Vienna Art Orchestra, founded in ...


This is a list of subgenres of jazz music. Genre, Characteristics, Era. Acid jazz, Combined ... Continental jazz, Early jazz dance bands of Europe in the swing medium, to the exclusion of Great Britain. ... Crossover jazz, Artists mix different styles of music into jazz. ... Performances typically include both a live band and a DJ.


At the onset of the Roaring '20s and even during the Great Depression, the best big bands had the ability to get people to relax, dance and have a good time ...


Music played in the 1940's Bands groups singers memories from The People ... Music during the 1940s was built around the jazz and big band styles that were popular. .... The quintessential Latin artist from the 1940s was the Brazilian singer  ...


Aug 15, 2017 ... Here is a list of 10 swing era musicians who set the stage for jazz to become the valued art form it is today. ... He led one of the most popular bands in New York in the 1920s and 30s. ... Read my artist profile of Fletcher Henderson. ... He developed his style while a member of Fletcher Henderson's big band.


Popular Songs and Artists From The 1920's 1920: Dardanella - Ben Selvin, Crazy ... Popular Genres: Swing, Jazz, Country, Traditional Pop, Crooners, Big Band.


This site contains over 1000 songs from this era in Real Audio 3 format, as well ... The Jazz music of the Big Band Era was the culmination of over thirty years of ... literally sweep the world, changing the musical styles of nearly every country? ... artistic traditions to their work, African-Americans changed music and dance, not  ...


Three Major Bands in New York in the 1920s ... recording companies; publishing houses; all fields, all styles; music business activities. Swing Migration. Benny Goodman sparked the beginning of the big band era on August 21, 1935 at ... Quartet, Sextet); Independent groups: John Kirby Sextet, Nat Cole Trio, Art Tatum Trio ...


Many American musicians, no matter what their backgrounds, have had "big ... The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, and all-white group, gave the music its name in the ... Swing bands ranged from "Kansas City" style groups like Count Basie's, ... jazz from its connections to dance and cast it further into the realm of "art music.