Martial music or military music is a specific genre of music intended for use in military settings. Much of the military music has been composed to announce military events as with bugle calls and fanfares, or accompany marching formations with drum cadences, or mark special occasions as by military bands.


A marching band is a group in which instrumental musicians perform while marching, often for entertainment or competition. Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Most marching bands wear a uniform, often of a military style, that includes ...... visual impact, artistic interpretation, and the difficulty of the music and drill.


Sep 14, 2018 ... Army bands play a variety of music styles to inspire soldiers, foster the ... Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.


Band: Band, (from Middle French bande, “troop”), in music, an ensemble of ... of oboes and bassoons formed part of the paraphernalia of military life. ... a style of band music identified as Turkish, or Janissary, music (after the elite troops who, c. ... were to raise the art of the band to a distinguished level, making band music, ...


In art, the side drum is often depicted with other military equipment, as a ... In addition to field music, the United States military also had bands that were used for ... Brass bands of all types were used during the Civil War, but a peculiar type of ...


May 22, 2015 ... The popularity of military bands grew as new types of instruments became ... The foundation for military band music began in Europe in the ...


Jun 2, 2017 ... Also, during this time the number of musicians who played in a band grew ... bands, ensemble bands and other types of bands, Marching Band.


Although these military music artists are not signed to CAMMO, they support CAMMO and ... music. Two members of the band, Eric and Dale, are Army veterans.


Sep 3, 2010 ... The new musical mission matches current military doctrine: the creation of ... Bands must be able to support “multiple objectives with targeted musical styles.” ... Army bands are not there to cultivate personal creativity, artistic ...