The music of Latin America refers to music originating from Latin America, namely the ... It also encompasses Latin American styles that have originated in the United States ... of the most popular was the Chilean Romantic Cumbia, exemplified by artists such as ..... Amerindian music varies according to region and ethnicity.


Many musical genres are particular to some geographical region or to an ethnic, religious or ... 1.2 Indigenous Caribbean, Mexican, South and Central American people; 1.3 By religion; 1.4 By language .... Classical and art music traditions.


The music of Colombia is an expression of Colombian culture, which contains diverse music genres, both traditional and modern, according with the features of each geographic region, although it is not uncommon to find different musical styles in the ... Mambo, big band and porro brass band influences were combined by artists ...


Latin American folk and popular music comprises numerous musical styles and ... The vast repertory of the canción, found with many different regional names, tends ... tri-ethnic heritage, as, for example, in the Guatemalan ensemble of chirimía, ... in the ensemble that accompanies the Brazilian martial art known as capoeira.


At the same time, imported art music practices became part of the colonial ... in all types of musical practice, while international trends flowed into the regional ... These sources include surviving musical instruments, dictionaries of Indian ...


Aug 31, 2015 ... Ethnic groups define themselves through music and dance. ... of unique musical genres that have resulted from interethnic contact, and ... A historical overview of art music in Latin America from the colonial period through the 20th century. ... introduction to Latin American music arranged by region: Mexico ...


Colombian Culture: Art, Dance & Music Make the Colombia Unique. ... Like many Latin American countries, Colombia offers a rich hodgepodge of ethnic ... and the Tairona of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region) mixed with the ... But by the early 20th century a more distinctive style of modern art had begun to emerge.


3 However, these questions are seldom asked about “art” music (classical, ... 5 These genres have resorted to different musical strategies, some with resounding ... In many regions, from the Midwest to Southwestern Louisiana, local councils ... to show how music can be turned into an ethnic marker, here of Latino identity.


Genre Definitions as used in the KOOP Music Library. ... East Coast hip hop emerged as a definitive subgenre after artists from other regions of the United States ..... local, ethnic form of music to a genre with wide appeal in North America, Latin ...