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I'll make dat black gal mine / [sheet music] :Print Material Description (Performing Arts Encyclopedia, Library of Congress )


Carve dat possum / [sheet music] :Print Material Description (Performing Arts Encyclopedia, Library of Congress )


Sep 25, 2013 ... The Lie: The greatest music and artists will eventually connect with their ..... waan te laten dat we de economie vooruit helpen ; inderdaad laat ons zelf .... As a singer/songwriter I find it helpful to have a trade outside of music, ...


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LPs, cassettes, DAT, and any other recording). The “fixed” ..... distribute, market, promote and sell an artist's music. The artist and .... Schirmer Trade Books, 2005.


Apr 2, 2001 ... Despite the possible benefits of digital music to both artists and the recording ...... DAT recorders allow users to make perfect digital copies of compact discs ..... users to trade files with each other through the Internet rather than ...


If you have old gear sitting around, we have a trade in program to help you get the ... Disk Recorders; DAT and CD Recorders; Band and Orchestra Instruments.