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Feb 11, 2016 ... For those who become involved in fan fiction reading and writing, this .... These are large-scale contests/games for fandom writers, artists, crafters, ... activity as Multifandom Battles, contemporary online communication allows ...


Jun 17, 2014 ... When you write fanfic as “fan fiction” you're implying that a) you're not one of ... that fans have over their own community, not to mention the creative works, ... you to go to the Internet's main multi-fandom fanfiction hubs—LiveJournal, .... they're told that fandom is full of seriously talented authors and artists.


Mar 14, 2018 ... How Fanfiction Makes Us Poor is a 2007 post by cupidsbow ... FanLib (FanLib was a commercially-owned, for-profit multifandom fanfic archive which was open .... My main goal in writing and making art is reaching the widest .... huge amounts of intellectual and creative time and energies into it, and also get ...


Nov 21, 2015 ... Gone are the days of distributing your fanfiction via printed fanzines, mailing lists, ... Art · Writing .... At the time of writing, the queue is a little over 3,500 people long , and the ... This concludes our whirlwind tour of popular multi-fandom archives. .... FAN/FIC is an online magazine for fanfic readers and writers.


Jun 23, 2013 ... Many of these archives also allow non-fanfiction content, often art but also meta, original fiction, or other writing. Numbers listed are ...


Jun 7, 2016 ... Sometimes old-school fans will write "ship" with an apostrophe, ... things like fan art and fan vids (exactly like fanfic but with pictures and videos), ... FF.net: This is the common fandom term for fanfiction.net, online since 1998 and still one of the most popular multi-fandom fanfiction archives on the internet.


Mar 18, 2018 ... This list of most popular fanfiction websites includes FanFiction, ... FanFiction are (the number of stories at the time of writing this post): ... Kindle Worlds was established in May 2013 by giant online store Amazon. ... deviantART is one of the most important sites that let artists showcase and discuss their work ...


World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.


Fanfiction.net, however, is a multi-fandom archive that houses fan texts from tens ... fans' dedication to or affiliation with online composing and publishing (see Black ...... the radical middle meets the third space, Language Arts, 74(5), 368- 378.