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James Clavell (10 October 1921 – 6 September 1994), born Charles Edmund Dumaresq .... The Art of War (1983), a translation of Sun Tzu's book. ... for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, DOS), interactive fiction with a third-person perspective; the ...


Sep 9, 1994 ... James du Maresq Clavell, writer, scriptwriter, film director and ... wrote long, literate adventures set in a time and a place few people know much ...


Feb 17, 1988 ... Mr. Clavell's dual role as author and executive producer is virtually unparalleled ... ''But we met again the next day,'' Mr. Bercovici recalled, ''and James came in ... ''As a writer-producer-director,'' he observed, ''I've adapted other people's work, ... Music · N.Y.C. Events Guide · Television · Theater · Video: Arts ...


Sep 8, 1994 ... James Clavell, the author of "Tai-Pan," "Shogun," "Noble House" and other ... people and illuminate the world and perhaps bridge East and West. ... from physics to counterfeiting, but most of all I learned the art of surviving.".


They really ought to be fought by the politicians and old people who start these wars. ... I could from physics to counterfeiting, but most of all I learned the art of surviving. As quoted in "James Clavell, Best-Selling Storyteller of Far Eastern Epics, ...


For twelve hours of prime time, 130 million people Watched Shōgun. ... A successful producer, director, screenwriter, and novelist, James du Maresq Clavell was also a war ... Clavell also contributed to arts and letters a bridge of understanding ...


Mar 23, 2011 ... So said James Clavell, an Australian immigrant to America who learned the .... Many of his main characters are based on real people.


Shogun, Vol. 2 [James Clavell] on Amazon.com. ... Gai-Jin by James Clavell Hardcover $19.73. Only 1 left in .... At the center of the book is Japan and its people.


The Art of War [Sun Tzu, James Clavell] on Amazon.com. ... James Clavell has taken a 1910 translation and clarified it for the ... 779 people found this helpful.