Richard Stephen Dreyfuss is an American actor best known for starring in popular films during ... Dreyfuss began acting in his youth, at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills Arts Center and Westside Jewish ..... Time Inc. People Magazine. ^ Petski ...


Dreyfuss' movies made billions for other people; Madoff's Ponzi schemes moved illegal billions for himself and the clients he defrauded. Bayside boy Dreyfuss ...


Richard Dreyfuss is an American leading man, who has played his fair share of ... The production was directed by the theatre's artistic director, Kevin Spacey. ... [on Steven Spielberg] Steven Spielberg is the only person I've come across who ...


Directed by John Badham. With Richard Dreyfuss, John Cassavetes, Christine Lahti, Bob Balaban. Ken Harrison is an artist who makes sculptures. One day he ... 7 of 10 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No


Jan 31, 2009 ... For many of us the name Richard Dreyfuss in the credits of a film or on the ... actors who seem to imbue their art with an almost demented intensity while ... of Moments of Clarity, a new book about prominent people escaping ...


On this day in 1947, the actor Richard Dreyfuss, who will rise to fame in Hollywood in the 1970s with starring roles in such movies as American Graffiti, Jaws,


Jan 20, 2005 ... ... one-time Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss tells Karla Adam where it all ... But then he seems to lay claim to a lot of people's jobs. ... had Dreyfuss in mind for Bialystock, calling the actor a "brilliant artist" and a "nervous wreck".


Oct 3, 2018 ... Richard Dreyfuss: 'Jaws' could make an even bigger boatload of money ... the film to younger people,” Dreyfuss said when Deadline floated the idea. ... this past weekend with the festival's Stanley Kramer Social Artist Award.


Dec 28, 1978 ... People did not forget Richard Dreyfuss. ...... [West Coast production head of United Artists at the time] said, “Robert De Niro, Richard Dreyfuss .