Butoh (舞踏, Butō) is a form of Japanese dance theatre that encompasses a diverse range of ... A key impetus of the art form was a reaction against the Japanese dance scene then, which Hijikata felt was overly .... Hiroko Tamano considers modeling for artists to be butoh, in which she poses in "impossible" positions held for ...


Article information: To cite this document: Shea A. Taylor, (2012),"Butoh: a bibliography of Japanese avant-garde dance", Collection Building, Vol. 31 Iss 1 pp.


Butoh combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences of Japanese traditional performing arts with German expressionist dance and performance art to ...


Ballet was also among the Western forms of performing arts adopted in Japan in ... (1928–86), who established a completely new kind of modern dance, butoh.


Sep 19, 2018 ... Before entering the dance training, we train the body which is the valuable .... ( Here, 'culture' includes not just the performing arts of dance, ...


Butoh (舞踏) is the name given to a variety of performance practices that .... People who knew him say that just his presence was like an artistic fact itself.

Apr 26, 2013 ... Cine Dance: The Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata - Anma (The Masseurs)+Rose Color Dance - Screener. Contemporary Arts Media - Artfilms. Loading ...


“Butoh, rather than a style of dance, is a presentation of the way to live, or how to be. ... National Endowment for the Arts; Art Matters, Inc., 1989. Documentary.

Nov 8, 2007 ... Part of Swiss Butoh dancer Imre Thormann's performance at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Shiga (Japan) in summer 2006. The live music is by ...