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Silent disco is a series of dance parties in the 1300 block median on Mt. Royal Avenue. Imagine a crowd of people dancing wearing wireless headphones, but ...


Mar 17, 2017 ... Arts, Music, and Recreation › Performing Arts ... Disco consists of steps and moves performed in time to the beat of disco music. Some common ... One classic disco dance is the Hustle, as seen in "Saturday Night Fever." ...


As he dance his way through Saturday Night Fever, it's doubtful that Tony Manero knew Disco had its beginnings in Nazi-occupied Paris during the early 1940s.


The School of Performing Arts instills a lifelong love of the arts through Dance, Theatre, and Music instruction. Join us in on Naperville and Chicago campuses.


We had a great time for Dance DTLA's 14th season of dancing under the stars ... alternating DJ Nights curated by influential artists who give voice to dynamic, ...


Performing Arts, Street & Pop Dance, Special Couple Dances and ... Dances like HipHop, Disco, Electric Boogie and Break Dance are not only popular on the ...

Mar 19, 2018 ... DISCO NIGHTS A groovy new musical by Wesley J. Colford Based on "Twelfth Night" by William ... Unsubscribe from Highland Arts Theatre?
Jul 26, 2010 ... http://www.infusedperformingarts Western Dance that won at 2010 Knanaya Convention. Taught by Tina Bose of Infused Performing Arts.