The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the performing arts: ... Poetry is also a form of performing arts, because it can tell a story if the writer chooses to do so, and you vocalize it. Art is another form because it is ...


The special issue on Storytelling as Contemporary Performing Art will publish ... or fringe performance festivals; schools; libraries; comedy clubs; arts council.


This special issue on Storytelling as Contemporary Performing Art deals with ... libraries; comedy clubs; arts council showcases—wherever storytelling appears.


Curriculum explores artworks depicting music, storytelling, dance, and theater, integrating visual art, performing arts, history, and language arts.


His artistic focus is mainly in painting and ledger art, an art form traditional to the Plains Indians. Ledger art creates a visual narrative, telling stories through ...


Sep 28, 2015 ... The art of storytelling is not all about the show. In fact, good storytelling is invisible. Find out how you can master this art here:


Storytelling & arts in Laurinburg, North Carolina.


Award-winning storyteller and actress, Barbara Spilman Lawson, can be found sharing stories, singing songs and entertaining audiences up and down the East  ...


In order to write more affecting and beautiful stories, this course will ask us to explore beyond the literary, into the world of the visual and performing arts. We will ...