This is a chronological list of periods in Western art history. An art period is a phase in the development of the work of an artist, groups of artists or art movement.


Art Periods/ Movements, Characteristics, Chief Artists and Major Works, Historical Events. Stone Age (30,000 b.c.–2500 b.c.), Cave painting, fertility goddesses, ...


Also includes Late Renaissance/Mannerism/Transitional Period (1520-1600) ... ( 1960s & 1970s) considered THE LAST MODERN ART MOVEMENT.


Prehistoric Paleolithic 35,000 - 8,000 BC, Mesolithic 8,000 - 3,500 BC, Neolithic 5,000 - 1,500 BC. Assyrian 1520 - 612 BC. Egyptian Old Kingdom 3200 - 2185 ...


Movements and Styles in Modern Art (and related artists and modern art ideas) ... Movements by Period ... This section provides information about important movements, styles, tendencies, groups, and schools of Modern and Contemporary Art.


Important Art Movements, Eras and Periods facts and biography information.


Movement in painting, originating in New York City in the 1940s. It emphasized spontaneous personal expression, freedom from accepted artistic values, surface  ...


Art Movements and Schools: Styles of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Dec 31, 2014 ... When learning art history, it's important to know how the details and nuances of individuals, but it's also really helpful to understand how things ...