Interactive television is a form of media convergence, adding data services to traditional television technology. Throughout its history, these have included on- demand delivery of content, ... A return path to the program provider is not necessary to have an interactive program experience. Once a movie is downloaded, ...


Mar 18, 2016 ... General Terms. Media Theory; Art, Design and Media; Interaction Design; ..... delivering content to the television producers and. broadcasters.


Apr 4, 2002 ... Number of households with interactive television is expected to climb by end ... of television and computing; cable provider Insight exemplifies trend toward ... They include video on demand, expanded content for channels like ESPN .... Movies · Music · N.Y.C. Events Guide · Television · Theater · Video: Arts ...


paper is based on the state of the art in interactive television. The state of ... overview is mainly based on a review of 'on-air' lTV providers as we have found very ... applications between, content driven, value added and enhanced television.


Dec 31, 2018 ... Back in October Netflix released some interactive content for their ... Netflix producers saw an opportunity to expand this into television viewing.


Jun 25, 2009 ... The first digital interactive multimedia service integrating the transmission of ..... Liberate Technologies is a provider of interactive TV software to Digital TV ..... of the video content and artistic aspects of video productions [73].


the state-of-the-art and consider two basic issues: What is interactive TV ...... technology, setting up an efficient interaction channel to the content provider was a.


Blackdove is a digital canvas art platform featuring a vast, growing collection of cutting-edge works by the ... We are a contemporary digital art provider ... dedicated displays and connected television apps for a unified operating environment. ... methods to break visual boundaries and create surreal or interactive art pieces.


Nov 29, 2018 ... tax on communications does not apply to CATV service and orders a refund to subscribers that ... Telephone companies enter the CATV business in both construction and operations, .... United Artists upholds the master antenna ... computer-controlled interactive cable television using two-way cable and ...