The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is an American commercial broadcast television network ...... That year, ABC and Hearst reached an agreement with RCA to merge ARTS and competing arts service, The Entertainment Channel, into ...


Hearst/ABC Video Services and NBC ultimately decided to merge ARTS and ...


The Big Three television networks are the three major traditional commercial broadcast ... As other stations signed on in larger cities, ABC, NBC, and CBS were eventually able to carry at least a sizeable portion of their programming on one station.


Oct 10, 2012 ... Three similar channels began at the same time: ABC ARTS (Alpha Repertory Television Service), CBS Cable, and NBC's The Entertainment ...


ABC Family Interests > Arts & Entertainment > TV > Networks. ABC Family changed it's name to Freeform in 2015 to appeal to younger viewers. Not sure if it  ...


Jan 1, 2003 ... Links for broadcast and cable television networks serving the ... WTAE (ABC), 400 Ardmore Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221; 412-242-4300.


Up to the 1980s, the three original networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—enjoyed a .... that network television could aspire to becoming a serious dramatic art form.


An excerpt from TV by Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network ... to a lesser degree even the more fledging ABC network) offered an eclectic mix of cultural ...


That Girl (ABC, 1966–71), an old-fashioned show about a single woman ... So, in a move uncharacteristically bold for an American television network, .... More important, MTM provided a training ground for a new generation of television artists.