ASCII art is a graphic design technique that uses computers for presentation and consists of ... The term is also loosely used to refer to text based visual art in general. ASCII art can be created with any text .... Different techniques could be used in ASCII art to obtain different artistic effects. Electronic circuits and diagrams ...


Oct 31, 2018 ... Collections, galleries of ASCII art displayed. Does not include galleries created the original artist with their own ASCII art.


ASCII art created by artist, ldb. Also, topics related to using and creating ASCII art. 1.00. 0.00%. 15. 23. Jave.de. Free java ASCII versatile editor. Rather than for ...


Answers to frequently asked questions about ASCII art. ... asked questions Newsgroups: alt.ascii-art,alt.ascii-art.animation,rec.arts.ascii ..... If one particular picture posted to this group looks faulty, but the rest of them look fine, then its most ...


Our collection of ASCII art is sorted into 539 categories based on different themes to ... But, give respect to the original artist and leave their initials on the work.


Oct 17, 2017 ... My collection of text arts (also called ASCII art, or text pictures). ... Note, that text pics were made to look fine in Lucida Grande, Tahoma and ...


Jan 30, 2014 ... It was the visual language of BBSs, Telnet, and many other .... In the 1920s, Bauhaus artist H.N. Werkman made what he called "Tiksels.


Feb 17, 2018 ... In fact, typewriter artists had access to several facilities not available to the later ... The earliest known examples of recognizable ASCII art were ...


1 Introduction. ASCII art is a technique of composing pictures with printable text ... Structure-based ASCII art manually designed by an artist, with a significant ..... As the energy reduces, the visual quality of ASCII art improves ac- cordingly.