Gourd art involves creating works of art using Lagenaria spp. hard-shell gourds as an art ... Artistic styles can range from craft to fine art. Perhaps the most prolific and successful gourd artist in the United States is Robert Rivera of New Mexico.


Gourd crafting supplies and tools are available. http://www.arizonagourds.com. Cindy Lee Art Studio. An eclectic collection of original fine art on gourds. Vessels  ...


Visual literacy is based on the idea that pictures can be “read” and that ... Emblem is a special design or visual object representing a quality, type, group, or an abstract idea. ... Artistic Rendering in visual art and technical drawing means the process of ..... art. Gourd is occasionally used to describe crop plants in the family ...


Martin Gourd for a base with rows of pine needles to form wave rim. ... Fine art gourd masks by Robert Rivera at the Torres Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico ... Western Gourd Art by Marilyn Sunderland Contact the Artist for Purchase Inquiries. Contact ..... Carving small objects: nuts in their shell *Gourd Art - "Crane in Flight" by ...


"Redcloud Originals, Fine gourd art by Judy Richie, using Native American .... by artist Judy Richie Decorative Gourds, Painted Gourds, Gourds Birdhouse, .... orest Hues coiled basket sculpture woodburned/dyed gourd base by Sue Yamins ..... Painted GourdsUnusual ArtGourd ArtArt ObjectYahoo ImagesYahoo Search ...


Visual Arts Standards of Learning: Instructional Strategies and Correlations – Grade .... judgments about the works of art based on established visual arts criteria. ...... interesting objects (e.g., sports equipment, containers, eggs, boxes, gourds).


Deborah Boskin is a fine jewelry artist based in San Francisco, CA. .... Veronica Castillo is a ceramic artist who crafts exquisitely detailed, brightly colored folk art objects ..... forms that mimics natural, creating imagery of flowers, gourds, leaves.


The Kansas Curricular Standards for Visual Arts should be used to assist school districts in ... school curriculum through standards-based art education, we can create powerful contexts and ..... 1. compares an actual object, such as a chair with a painting ..... the Negro and the song entitled Follow the Drinking Gourd.


Originally an artist working in metal and jewelry, George took several years of glass ... Bill is a Sedona based fine arts photographer specializing in creating richly .... father's exposure to unusual uses for common objects, and she finds much inspirati. ..... Susan Simkins produces unique contemporary gourd art with a finished ...