In Greek mythology, Astyanax was the son of Hector, the crown prince of Troy, and his wife, Princess Andromache of Cilician Thebe. His birth name was ...


Astyanax: Astyanax, in Greek legend, prince who was the son of the Trojan prince Hector and his wife Andromache. Hector named him Scamandrius after the ...


May 7, 2018 ... In Ancient Greek Mythology, Astyanax was the son of the King Priam of Troy's oldest son, Hector, the Crown Prince of Troy.


(genus): Astyanax abramis, Astyanax aeneus, Astyanax alburnus, Astyanax altior , Astyanax altiparanae, Astyanax angustifrons, Astyanax anterior, Astyanax ...


Mar 3, 1997 ... Astyanax. "Ruler of the city." The son of Hector and Andromache. Hector had named him Scamandrius (after the river Scamander near Troy) but ...


Astyanax definition is - a son of Hector and Andromache hurled by the Greeks from the walls of Troy.


Astyanax was killed because his father had been killed by Achilles, and Neoptolemnus, Achilles' son, believed the baby would grow up and want revenge.


Feb 9, 2018 ... Get everything you need to know about Astyanax in The Trojan Women. Analysis, related quotes, timeline.


You're in good academic company to think it originated in sacrifice, but likely as its instantiated in the epic tradition. For one, the Greeks did not ...