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Rufino del Carmen Arellanes Tamayo (August 25, 1899 – June 24, 1991) was a Mexican painter of Zapotec heritage, born in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico.


picketingAt the time of his death(due to heart failure), Rufino Contreraswas a part of the US Air Force.


Feb 14, 1979 ... Rufino, his father and brother together gave the company 20 years of their labor. ... It is a time of hope because we are certain that Rufino today enjoys the ... Rufino Contreras was a 27-year old lettuce striker shot to death on a ...


Mar 12, 1979 ... This time, however, they gathered at dusk, and the scene was somberly ... Rufino Contreras was among a group of six pickets entering a field to talk ... Since Contreras' death, the violence continues: 35 injured and as ... To his newly vocal critics outside of California, Chavez presents a formidable adversary.


Mar 29, 2012 ... During the bitter strike, one UFW striker, Rufino Contreras, was killed. ... said the legendary farm workers' leader apparently died in his sleep at the home ... in general, were largely ignored by politicians except at election time.


May 14, 1986 ... Vegetable grower Carl Maggio has won the first round in his ... 1979 Imperial Valley lettuce strikes in which one striker was shot to death. ... 1979, and lasted through the early summer, UFW striker Rufino Contreras, 27, ... This is believed to be the first time that a court has ruled that Chavez--known for his ...


Mar 31, 2017 ... When Chavez died on April 23, 1993, staff writer George Ramos ... said the legendary farm workers' leader apparently died in his sleep at the home of a family friend. ... general, were largely ignored by politicians except at election time. ... service for farmworker Rufino Contreras, who was shot to death in a ...


Mar 31, 2012 ... Rufino Contreras: a 27 year old husband, father of two and a dedicated union activist who was shot to death in the Imperial Valley lettuce ... A short time later, grower goons gunned Rene down just after he voted in a union ... Decades after his struggle began, Cesar Chavez's legacy lives on in all who draw ...


Mar 26, 2012 ... ... Tom Vilsack quickly got around to the go-to phrase for people in his predicament. ... Rosa Contreras, widow of Rufino Contreras, who was shot to death by company ... “At the same time, it's hard to remember those moments.