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Jan 26, 2009 ... Victoria Strauss -- Shades of Edit Ink: AuthorHouse and Objective Entertainment. Edited to Add: Objective seems to have discontinued these referrals. Since the fall of 2009, Writer Beware has received no further reports. Over the past couple of days, I've heard from several writers who queried agents at ...


Dec 17, 2010 ... AuthorHouse Complaint Review: AuthorHouse Iuniverse AuthorHouse is a money-laundering scam that was found guilty of fraud in a US Court Bloomington , Indiana.


Author Brad Snyder writes new book, The House of Truth, a DC political salon feat. Felix Frankfurter, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Walter Lippmann, Mount.


Mar 21, 2014 ... When the self-publishing craze started back in 1999, many of these new publishers (who at the time were dominated by a few companies, i.e. iUniverse, Trafford, Author House and Xlibris) published books under a bit of a cover. They didn't tell authors outright that they were their publisher (like a New York ...


Mar 18, 2009 ... "my first book was published by AuthorHouse/iUniverse". My reaction to that sentence in a query letter is not what you hope it will be when you write it. You hope it implies "experienced author with pub credit who has a sales record." What I infer from it is "book that sold fewer than 200 copies and means ...


Aug 4, 2017 ... Christopher Steele has gone into hiding since his explosive allegations about President Donald Trump were made public.


Oct 28, 2014 ... UPDATE, OCTOBER 18, 2015: Today, I checked the websites for IUniverse and AuthorHouse to see whether they had made any changes to their form of publishing agreement. Yes, they have. While their old form gave them the right to continue to sell your book on a non-exclusive basis for one year, the ...


Jun 9, 2014 ... AuthorHouse Publishing has published a new book titled Operator's Guide to Rotating Equipment (An introduction to rotating equipment construction, operating principles, troubleshooting, and best practices). The book was written by Julien LeBleu and Robert Perez. Every operator who is responsible for ...


2 reviews for AuthorHouse.co.uk, 2.5 stars: "It was a long time ago when I tried this website. Everyday they would ring me up and pressure me for money. One of the lines they have used ' I'm by the office I can pop in just give me you credit card details.' DO NOT PUBLISH WITH THEM!!!..."