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Mar 25, 2016 ... AVENUE 6E INVESTMENTS, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company; Saguaro Desert Land, Inc., an Arizona corporation, Plaintiffs–Appellants, v. CITY OF YUMA, ARIZONA, a municipal corporation, Defendant–Appellee.


Apr 1, 2016 ... A decision on zoning and racial disparity in Yuma, Arizona. ... Two real-estate developers, Avenue 6E Investments and Saguaro Desert Land, brought the case against Yuma after the city refused to rezone land for ... Arguably, the absence of low-income housing vouchers makes Avenue 6E Investments v.


v. Civil Action No. 16-928 (JDB). TRAVELERS INDEMNITY COMPANY, et al. Defendants. MEMORANDUM OPINION. This case raises an oft-litigated Fair Housing ...... 109–111 (1979); Avenue 6E Investments, LLC v. City of Yuma,. 217 F. Supp. 3d 1040, 1051 (D. Ariz. 2017) (explaining that Ninth Circuit precedent “ does not.


DBT Yuma subleased property at the Yuma International Airport from the Yuma County Airport Authority - a nonprofit corporation that operated the airport under a lease from Yuma County - and operated a fixed base operation there. YCAA later evicted DBT Yuma and entered into a new sublease with another tenant.


Apr 28, 2016 ... Landmark Discrimination Case: Fair Housing Act Thwarts NIMBYs. Avenue 6E Investments, LLC v. City of Yuma (March 25, 2016). Author: Michael M. Berger. Why It Matters: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a decision in favor of the City of Yuma, Arizona, and concluded instead that there was ...


Nov 18, 2015 ... Avenue 6E Investments v. COY. • Esquivel v. Carrillo (COY). • LeMarche v. COY. • Smith v. COY, et al. • Loucel, et al v. COY, et al. • Armendariz v. Padilla, et al. • COY v. Clark, et al. • COY v. State of Arizona, et al. • Pixley Claim. • Camacho Claim. • Yuma Mesa Land, LLC, et al v. City Clerk, et al.


2. Avenue 6E Investments, LLC v. City of Yuma35. Plaintiff real estate developers alleged a disparate impact case against the City of Yuma, citing the city's refusal to rezone land for higher density development due to alleged animosity toward a protected class of minority homebuyers. The plaintiffs argued that alleged code ...


Jan 6, 2017 ... 2:5 A violation of the Fair Housing Act may also be a violation of the equal protection clause. Avenue 6e Investments, LLC v. City of Yuma, Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, 2016. Ave. 6E Invs., LLC v. City of Yuma, 818 F.3d 493, (9th Cir. Ariz. 2016). 3:3 Selig v. North Whitehall Township Zoning Hearing Board, ...


3695P, 18-4597, HANAFI ROBERT A 28411 CANAL AVE WELLTON, AZ 85356- 4579, PIPER 1955, PA-18-150, 02/28/2003, Up to 12,499, Individual. 36987, BB- 1887, WESTFLIGHT LLC PO BOX 2949. YUMA, AZ 85366-2402, RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY 2004, B200, 06/09/2017, 12,500 to 19,999, Corporation.