Did you mean: BRESNAHAN v. KRATZ et al ?


Feb 3, 2014 ... Hermens et al classified ADHD patients as REs or non-REs on the basis of ... intake of stimulant medication in a group of healthy young adults., Kratz et al ..... time of the RE group was close to normal (420 ms vs 450 ms in controls; non-RE =381 ms). ..... Bresnahan SM, Barry RJ, Clarke AR, Johnstone SJ.


Gevensleben et al. provide two different frameworks, how NF may be effective ... and before age of 12 according to the recently revised DSM-V; Kieling et al., 2010), .... may be enhanced by methylphenidate (Linssen et al., 2011; Kratz et al., 2012). ... et al., 1995), dyslexia (Klimesch et al., 2001) and ADHD (Bresnahan et al., ...


As stated previously, Rockstroh et al. ..... that made it obvious which treatment was being applied and received (for example, NIRS vs. ..... Bresnahan SM, Barry RJ. .... Gevensleben H, Holl B, Albrecht B, Schlamp D, Kratz O, Studer P, et al.


Jun 1, 2008 ... Thus, we use “lakes and streams” to include all continental inland waters except .... water and solutes from streams or groundwater (Kratz et al.


We thank Olivier Blanchard, Timothy Bresnahan, Richard Freeman,. Claudia Goldin ..... allowing for capital-skill complementarity used by Krusell et al. [1997] yields a ..... right-hand part of Table V, the growth of computer use across industries ...


Sep 6, 2017 ... eration (Bresnahan et al., 1976; Blight, 1983; Crowe et al., 1997; ... Hospitals Pediatric Research Center, Temple University Lewis Kratz School ...... SomeαSMANEG cells were found in the GFPNEG fraction (u,v, arrows).


Apr 19, 2018 ... We selected all index word(s) that restituted at least 100 000 items in Google Scholar. Also ...... 59, 2000, Hariharan S, Johnson CP, Bresnahan BA et al. Improved graft survival .... 92, 1994, Schuchardt A, D'Agati V, Larsson-Blomberg L et al. Defects in the ... 97, 1993, Dyck PJ, Kratz KM, Karnes JL et al.


V analysis. CNTNA. P2 detected in. ASD patients sugge sted to have a contrib ution to the ...... Stoltenberg C, Schjølberg S, Bresnahan M, Hornig M, Hirtz D, Dahl C, et al. ...... Tierney E, Bukelis I, Thompson RE, Ahmed K, Aneja A, Kratz L, et al.


2008; Sterman et al., 1970) and cognition (See Gruzelier in this issue). .... 1 v isualizes this history further, by graphing the number of publications per ..... ADHD are those of increased absolute power in Theta (Bresnahan et al., 1999 ...... Gevensleben, H., Holl, B., Albrecht, B., Schlamp, D., Kratz, O., Studer, P., Wangler, S.,.