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Jan 8, 2010 ... For those articles, a 4-tiered taxonomy was developed to classify studies according to: (1) type of treatment [direct – involving actual voice work – vs. ..... [ 42] and Chen et al. [47]. It was used in combination with other direct and indirect treatment approaches by Bovo et al. [48] and Niebudek-Bogusz et al. [35].


Jan 21, 2016 ... Many systemic autoimmune diseases are associated with hearing loss (Bovo et al., 2006) while patients with seemingly isolated sensorineural hearing loss can have autoantibodies against inner ear antigens (Greco et al., 2011). A comprehensive bioinformatic analysis has revealed that inner ear proteins ...


Oct 6, 2006 ... Recently, Yonenaga et al. have analysed a microvessel pericyte coverage index (an index of microvessel maturation) in relation to clinicopathological significance in CRC [12]. The results indicate that immature neovascularization is observed in poorly differentiated tumours and further correlated with ...


May 30, 2015 ... Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — PD-1 Blockade in Tumors with Mismatch-Repair Deficiency.


Jan 27, 2006 ... Based on these findings, Tremblay et al. examined the effects of age and hearing loss on perception and neural representation of VOT [78]. ..... From an audiological perspective, whether an elderly person suspected of having a central auditory processing disorder should be fit with one versus two hearing ...


Oct 22, 2009 ... et al., 2009). Genetic tests for variants associated with treatment response would have obvious clinical benefit, and are very likely to be introduced into clinical practice once .... ance, and employment (Billings et al., 1992; Burke et al.,. 2001). ...... to biologic versus stated paternity, a distinction that may.


Jul 8, 2013 ... This external report is the output from a scientific or technical project that EFSA has funded to support its work in accordance with Article 36 of EFSA's Founding Regulation. It was produced by the beneficiaries of an EFSA grant following a call for proposal published on the EFSA website. For more ...


Oct 22, 2012 ... Tyzzer EE. Factors in the Production and Growth of tumor Metastases. J Med Res . 1913;28:309-332 301. 2. Tsuchiya Y, Sawada S, Yoshioka I, Ohashi Y, Matsuo M, Harimaya Y, et al. Increased surgical stress promotes tumor metastasis. Surgery. 2003;133:547-555. 3. Glasner A, Avraham R, Rosenne E, ...


Oct 2, 2009 ... Consistent with theses results, Roy et al. [7] found that teachers had almost twice as many voice disorders at the time of the questionnaire (11.0% vs. ..... Bovo et al. [30] studied effectiveness of a course on voice care in a group of primary school female teachers through clinical and instrumental evaluation.