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There are 75 conditions associated with headache and tenderness to touch. ... by muscle tension, are marked by pain, pressure and tightness around the head. ... Migraines are a common type of headache that can cause severe pain, aura or ...


Jul 15, 2009 ... ... 1 Post(s). Pain/tenderness on back of head near bottom of skull ..... Nothing serious, just annoying and painful to the touch. M123 is offline.


The back of my head hurts and when I touch it in that spot it's sensitive in about a ... things that can potentially give you pain and sensitivity in a localized area.


Often I feel as if there is a bruise on the back of my head on the right lower side. I have had no injury to my head. It feels painful to the touch. Some days it hurts ...


Oct 31, 2016 ... Scalp tenderness is defined as pain, inflammation, tingling, ... can result in pain that moves throughout the head, neck, and scalp. ... The scalp becomes so sensitive for some people that even a light touch can be painful.


Feb 8, 2017 ... Temporal arteritis is inflammation and damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to the head, neck, upper body and arms. It is also called ...


Oct 13, 2016 ... Scalp pain may be caused by a number of things, including severe ... These infections can be painful, sore, or warm to the touch. ... The temporal artery is a blood vessel that runs on the side of your head in front of your ear.


May 13, 2007 ... My pain on my head seems to be more noticeable at times then ... I have had what I called "soft spots" for a while and they hurt if you touch them.


Jun 27, 2016 ... Here's a look at the primary symptoms, from jaw pain to ''fibro fog.'' ... Tender points can be located on the back of the head, elbows, shoulders, knees, and ... Fibromyalgia makes you more sensitive to sounds, light, and touch.