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This is a list of symbols and signs believed to be unlucky according to superstition: Using crutches or a wheelchair when not needed; A black cat crossing one's ...


This is a list of symbols and signs believed to be unlucky according to superstition:


Oct 10, 2017 ... In Italy, it's considered bad luck to lay bread upside down, either on a .... IN SOME PARTS OF AFRICA, OWLS ARE SYMBOLS OF BAD LUCK.


Seeing a single crow perched on a house, however, is very bad luck. ... positioning over the porch of statues and good luck symbols (e.g. horseshoe, with points ...


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Jul 13, 2012 ... The superstitious witness may salute them to ward off bad luck and ... The Romans also disliked the number, believing it to be a symbol of ...


Jun 21, 2017 ... Four-leaf clovers are an ancient Irish symbol of luck. ... fairies and avoid their mischief, which was believed to be a common source of bad luck.


Nov 25, 2016 ... A list of lucky and unlucky signs collected by Irish schoolchildren in 1938.


the number 4: bad luck in Japan, because one of the Japanese words for '4' is ' shi', meaning 'death'. the other word for 4, yon, is used more ...