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The Bahamas is known for its stellar beaches. With over 2000 breathtaking islands and cays, and the clearest water on Earth, it's no wonder visitors come here from all around to sink their toes into miles of pure white, and in some places pink, sand—the very definition of paradise.


Top Ten Beaches. The calm, turquoise waters and soft, powdery sand of our beaches have earned them top honors as some of the best in the world: Treasure Cay Beach in The Abacos, Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island, Cape Santa Maria Beach on Long Island, and Harbour Island's Pink Sand Beach.


Gold Rock Beach is the most beautiful section of Grand Bahama Island's amazing 90 miles of south-shore strand. Located east of Freeport within the protected Lucayan National Park, the white sand beach stretches nearly the length of a football field wide at low tide, and the shallows are a delight for wading, snorkeling, ...


The Bahamas Out Islands are home to some of the world's most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Discover the best beaches and secluded beaches for your next beach vacation.


Jan 13, 2016 ... Most any beach among the 30 inhabited islands within the Bahamas can easily be considered among the best in the world. With consistent themes of white sandy beaches, calm warm, crystal blue waters and sunshine, it's no wonder why travelers...


For travelers willing to explore less-trodden shores, miles of unblemished beach and unpopulated island gems await. Indeed, the sexiest Bahamas beaches are sure to set a decidedly seductive tone.


Whatever type of beach vacation you are looking for, you'll find it in the Bahamas. Take a moment to relax while strolling down its pink sands, or snorkel in its crystal clear waters, before simply lying back and watching the sun go down. The secluded beaches and perfect views are what will make you fall in love here — with ...


Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Away from Nassau's downtown beaches and the resort strip along Cable Beach, you can find quiet beaches that offer everything from caves, historic sites and snorkeling to horseback riding and experiencing a true Bahamian village - as ...


Fancy heading to the number one Bahamian destination, for an effortlessly buzzing beach life of chilled beach bars and oodles of water sports? Then make tracks for the famous Cable Beach on Nassau, in the north of The Bahamas. This is just one of many picture-perfect Bahamas beaches in the region where you can be ...