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Aug 30, 2017 ... Five years ago, an idea popped into the head of longtime Ballet West patron and practicing psychologist Dr. Aharon Shulimson: "Do ballet dancers' brains function differently than the rest of us?" Shulimson and his wife Julie Terry, president of the Ballet West Guild and Shulimson's clinic's technici...


Jun 28, 2015 ... Two of the greatest dancers of their generation, Wendy Whelan and Edward Watson have between them 80 years of ballet experience. Ruaridh Nicoll hears how age is allowing them to be free.


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Cardiorespiratory responses to ballet exercise and the VO2max of elite ballet dancers. Cohen JL, Segal KR, Witriol I, McArdle WD. Physiologic responses to ballet exercise and VO2max during treadmill running were studied in elite professional ballet dancers (7 men, 8 women; age 20-30 yr) from American Ballet Theatre.


Oct 21, 2016 ... Ballet dancers, including Misty Copeland, show off their breathtaking athleticism in the new book from NYC Dance Project called 'The Art Of Movement.'


One dance school in the city has a record of producing world-class dancers.


Kateryna Derechyna of Ukraine is in her sixth season with The Washington Ballet . She trained at the Odessa Ballet Academy under Elvira Karavaeva where she performed at the Odessa Ballet Opera house. Derechyna won first... more · FRANCESCA DUGARTE. Francesca Dugarte of Caracas, Venezuela, is in her fifth ...


Jan 23, 2018 ... We spent the afternoon with four lead ballet dancers dining on the protein-heavy and complex-carb meals that keep them going.


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