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Lee v. Weisman, 505 U.S. 577 (1992) was a United States Supreme Court decision regarding ... Full case name, Robert E. Lee, Individually and as Principal of Nathan Bishop Middle School, et al., Petitioners v. Daniel Weisman etc. Citations ...


Walid Sabbagh, Jr.,1 Laura J. Flatauer,1 A. Jane Bardwell,1 and Lee Bardwell1,2 .... (A) In the model (Madhani and Fink, 1998; Madhani et al., 1997), Fus3 is ... in principal, provide scaffold-like functionality (Xia et al., 1998; Bardwell et al., 2001) . ... We propose that transient versus sustained MAPK activation may encode ...


Kss1 was first characterized as a component of the signaling cascade required for response to mating pheromone (for review, see Bardwell et al. 1994b; Leberer  ...


... C.FriedbergA.Jane BardwellLeeBardwellZhigangWangGrigoryDianov ... Bardwell et al., 1993 ... L. Bardwell, A.J. Bardwell, W.J. Feaver, J.Q. Svejstrup, R.D. Kornberg, E.C. ... Brouwer et al., 1992 ... Friedberg et al., 1991 ... L. Schaeffer, R. Roy, S. Humbert, V. Moncolin, W. Vermeulen, J.H.J. Hoeijmakers, P. Chambon, J.-M.


van Duin, M. et al. ... Bardwell, L., Cooper, A. J. & Friedberg, E. C. Molec. cell. ... Alan E Tomkinson; , A. Jane Bardwell; , Lee Bardwell; , Nancy J. Tappe; & Errol ...


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Feb 17, 2017 ... Litigation Release No. 23754 / February 17, 2017. Securities and Exchange Commission v. James Y. Lee, et al., No. 3:14-cv-00347 (S.D. Cal.


May 12, 2006 ... 949-824-6902; Fax: 949-824-4709; E-mail: bardwell@uci.edu. Next Section ... Finally, MKK7-derived D-site peptides exhibited selective inhibition of JNK1 versus ERK2. ...... Lee Bardwell et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry.


Dec 28, 2000 ... For example, all MAPKs phosphorylate substrates that have the core consensus, ...... Lee Bardwell et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry.