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Barton was the managing director of a company, whose main business was property development, its projects passing through 'Paradise Waters (Sales) Pty Ltd'. Barton executed a deed whereby the company would pay $140,000 to Alexander Armstrong, a NSW state politician, and buy his shares for $180,000. Armstrong ...


826 F. Supp. 412 (1993). R.A. BARTON, et al., Plaintiffs, v. AMERICAN RED CROSS, et al., Defendants. Civ. A. No. 91-T-1001-S. United States District Court, M.D. Alabama, S.D.. July 7, 1993. James Prestwood, Andalusia, AL, Alvin Prestwood, Linda G. Smith, Joseph Borg, Ben Fuller, Montgomery, AL, for plaintiffs. Kathryn ...


Tickle v. Barton. Annotate this Case. 95 S.E.2d 427 (1956). Richard TICKLE, an Infant, etc., v. Raymond BARTON et al. No. CC831. Supreme Court of Appeals of ... the case in the Circuit Court of McDowell County in March, 1955, to recover damages from the defendants, Raymond Barton, a resident of Austinville, Virginia , ...


COMMERCIAL BANK & TRUST COMPANY OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff- appellee, vs. REPUBLIC ARMORED CAR SERVICE CORPORATION and DAMASO PEREZ, ET AL., defendants-appellants. Pompeyo Diaz for plaintiff- appellee. Halili, Bolinao, Bolinao & Associates and Crispin D. Baizas for defendants-appellants.


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Hamzeh Malas and Sons v. British Imex Industries Ltd. [1958] 2 Q.B. 127 and Urguhart Lindsay and Co. Ltd. v. Eastern Bank Ltd. [1922] 1 K.B. 318, referred to. .... We have complied with all the terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit and feel that United Commercial Bank would make the payment to you without reserve.


Jul 2, 2003 ... The PC's decision in National Commercial Bank (Jamaica) Ltd v Hew can be found at: http://www.privy-council.org.uk/files/other/national%20hew.rtf-adv.rtf. In his speech for the Judicial Committee, Lord Millett offers the following observations: [30] ... the doctrine [of undue influence] involves two elements.


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The plaintiff, County Natwest Ltd (CN), loaned money to a company of which Barton (B) was an officer and guaranteed the value of the loan.