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"Home plate" redirects here. For other uses, see Home plate (disambiguation). Home plate of a baseball field. Home plate, formally designated home base in the rules, is the final base that a player must touch to score. Unlike the other bases, home plate is a five-sided slab of whitened rubber that ...


The Official Regulation sized home plate for baseball and softball is Manufactured to the highest quality available! Made from solid rubber, and along the edges is a black beveled edges to ensure everyone "comes home" safely. Now so that the plate does not have a chance to move away from the original position, on the ...


The description says "official size," but it is not. The official size, whether for MLB, little league, or fast/slow pitch softball is a flat plate 17 inches on the long side, 8.5" on each of the short sides, and 12" on each of the angled sides that form the point. Instead of 17", 8.5", and 12", the flat part of the product I received is 15.25",  ...


The Dodgers played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while Dodger Stadium was being built, but the Coliseum was not designed to hold baseball games. The Coliseum's left-field fence was roughly 250 feet away from home plate and the club had to erect a 40-foot-high screen to protect against short home runs.


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On Deck Sports offers the highest quality bases, home plates and pitching rubbers for baseball and softball teams and fields. We sell professional, anchored, throw-down and double bases for both baseball and softball. We also offer bury-all, waffle bottom and turf home plates plus four-way, step down and other pitching ...


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Recommended distance from backstop to apex: 20' for Shetland and Pinto League (50' Field) 20' for Mustang League (60' Field) 25' for Little League (60' Field) 30' for Bronco League (70' Field) 40' for Pony League (80' Field) 25' for Softball (60' Field) 60' for Baseball (90' Field). Distance measured from apex of home plate ...


Home Plate. DOWNLOAD Mathematica Notebook HomePlate. Home plate in the game of baseball is an irregular pentagon with two parallel sides, each perpendicular to a base. It seems reasonable to dub such a figure (i.e., a rectangle with a coincident isosceles triangle placed on one side) a "isosceles right pentagon.".